Discovering my style…

discovering my style

I just started reading Hayley Morgan’s (The Tiny Twig) The No Brainer Wardrobe book.

I am hoping this will help me be more confident in getting dressed

and of course save time in the process.
I am only in the beginning of the book but I have been encouraged by the little tasks I have been asked to complete.
I decided to keep a journal of this process. Not only to have information to share with you,
but to see my feelings and attitudes change during the process.
Actually writing out the feelings I have towards getting dressed was almost a bit disturbing.
from my journal:
I hate getting dressed. It makes me feel stressed, anxious, depressed and frustrated. It takes me about 20-30 minutes to choose what I will wear for the day. I buy lots of inexpensive pieces, never really having a plan for them. I probably wear less than 20% of my wardrobe. I like to blame it on my weight changing but it’s not really the issue. 
Um, wow.
those are not so pretty words.
I can assure my family would agree that when I am getting dressed to go somewhere
it is a dangerous time in our house.
I am looking forward t changing that!
I am going to try to complete this process of discovering my style without spending very much money.
that may include selling something to buy something, bargain hunting, thrifting, coupons and clearance racks.
First up on the list is to purchase matching hangers for our bedroom closet.
I have plastic hangers, which i will stick with, but would like them all the same color.
After I sort them I will move the unmatched ones to the coat closet!
No one cares in that dark closet anyway, right?!?
After all my hangers are matching then I would like to organize my closet.
i liked in the book that she asked that we think about “how we get dressed”.
Do we look for color, style, or chose one piece at a time.
I think we will sort our closet by like items, in color order.
I think this will help finding pieces easier.
Now on to the real homework.
Deciding my style…
I know we do not have to be locked into a category but it helps give a balance to the mismatch pieces laying around.

you can see my entire style pin board here


I think my style shows right away.
layers.. I love layers
i may not wear what I love all the time.
I again blame that on my weight.
I am not going to let my weight define my style any longer.
Time to take control and just find what fits and what I fell confident in.
What about you? Have you read the book? Have you found your style.
I would love to hear your tips and tricks..

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