decorating my living room

i am loving our new house.
i am really loving the fact that i have room to decorate here. it’s the little things!
decorating our home is a hobby i may have an obsession with!@
I have decided i am going to decorate our couch with pillows made from old sweaters. check out my pinterest board if you can not envision what i am talking about!

imagine my excitement when frank and i were shopping at Joann’s monday night and found the cutest container ever…

its like it was meant for me. so of course i bought it. it was 40% off. making it only $6.49! holla
i wanted to add fake greenery inside the pot because things do not remaining living in my house. okay my kids do but not plants! although my mason jar herbs are doing great!

i bought the 1. dry foam, 2. natural filler, 3. green mum, 4. cable knit pot

at first i was planning on putting all 3 mums in the case but i could not get them to sit the way i wanted. they are made of wood so they did not bend easily! I had to trim off the corners of the foam to make it fit inside my container!

after deciding using just one mum looked best, i wrapped the natural filler around the mum, hiding the foam and then placed it inside my container!

later this week i will show you my simple fall decor. i am loving all things mason jar right now!

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  1. I really like what you did with your living room. So pretty! Beautiful living room! love it! I just get so excited. Nice job!

  2. Marge Jones says:

    Love your creativity!!


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