Dear Negative commenter and Ten on Tuesday…#11


Ten on Tuesday is a time to tell ten random tidbits about my life it can be things people may not know about me, things going on in me life, or even a Top 10 list of something. Well at least those are the rules over at It’s a crafty Life!
This post is going to be two-fold.
I would like to address a few comments I have received lately.
Comments not from strangers but from people close to me.
The comments I have received are things like:
Are you actually being “real” on your blog?
Why don’t you go play “pretend” with your Internet friends?
Why are you fake on your blog and pretend you are so great?
And some pretty hurtful critiques of items I have created for my Etsy shop.
So I would like to take this opportunity to make a list of ten things
that show I am me, being the real me and not afraid to make mistakes.
1. I have never claimed to have it all together. I fall behind in my “chores”, my responsibilities, my commitments and even in taking care of myself. I struggle daily with depression and all the baggage that comes along with it.
I struggle with wanting to live a life without an alarm going off on my phone EVERY day at 5:30pm reminding me to take my little white pill so there is no back lash at my family. {See more here}
I struggle with eating healthy and being active. As seen in my most recent {Fit Friday} posts, thing shave been looking so good for me!
2. Yes I do neglect my jobs at home sometimes to blog or craft. There are days (like today) when I have yet to do the dishes and I am blogging) there are weeks like this past week where I have not done a single load of laundry. (My hubby did though, for which I am grateful)
 As mentioned here…I have lots of clutter sometimes
  And here sometimes this is what the house looks like while I am blogging!
3. Yes I attend a lot of play-dates throughout the week. And YES it is still work to get myself and 3 kids dressed, fed, and out the door. Drop one off to school and watch the other 2 while they play at another person’s house. Regardless if I enjoy hanging out with other moms way more then the kids like playing. It is still work. I am still caring for my kids even if we are not home. It is something I take pride in. My kids are well socialized, are not afraid to say hi to new people and adjust well in new places. Plus they will nap at any ones house!
4. Yes my kids watch a lot of movies, or shall I say a lot of the same movie.  We watch the movies Cars at least once every day. I know that is bad parenting but sometimes when I have an order do it’s the only thing that keeps them still.
5. Yes, I am one of “those” bloggers that makes words bold like Lord, faith, and blessed. No I am not ashamed to say I love Jesus and because of what he did On Good Friday and then on Easter Sunday I am able live for eternity with him in Heaven. If you are not aware of what he did please email me I would love to share with you! 
6. Yes I am a sinner. I sin everyday, and sometimes most of the day. I am not perfect and although I don’t use my blog to rant and complain about all the trials in my life, they are there, and they are real. Maybe I need to do better at pointing out my flaws and admitting more openly when I stumble.
7. as for playing pretend with my “bloggy” friends. I do consider a lot of them my “real” friends. People who can understand what it’s like to share your heart for everyone to see only to have someone tear it to pieces. People are so much more likely to tell you what you are doing wrong then what you did right. That’s why I appreciate my “bloggy friends” they get it. They get that it’s okay to take a camera with you everywhere, to document the weirdest things so you can “blog” about them. And most of the time they are the only ones who comment when I do write a “real” blog post. They lift me up when I am down and share what struggles they have too. Thanks ladies I appreciate it! 
8. As for being fake; I think I have already addressed this. I am me, and I am all I know how to be. I’m insecure so I take goofy photos for the WIWW posts. It makes it easier to make fun of myself before someone else does. Trust me someone always does. Even when the post was not supposed to be funny! 
9. Now for my Etsy shop. Everything is handmade by me. Okay before some of you (you know who you are) freak out and say oh no you don’t. Let me explain. Everything that is sewn I sewcreated by me (Not the actual headband part but the pretty attached) all necklaces are created by me. I know some people may not think the bead/knot necklace is worthy of being bought but I say too badly. It has sold out 2 times on my shop and I am proud of them. The rings; oh the dreaded controversy over my rings. I say “handmade” but that’s because I do order the flower and the ring from a supplier and “attach” them. I do choose the certain flowers I want, in the sizes I like, in the colors I prefer. I order specific bands made of high quality enamel and choose colors that compliment the flowers previously ordered. So if you want to say they are not handmade then so be it. I will cont to call them that. 
10. On to the imperfections. Remember my items are handmade. I am not a sturdy machine that makes perfectly straight lines and that promises things will always be symmetrical. But hey I made them and I take pride in them. I would never sell you something I would not carry or wear myself. 
I hope this has cleared up a lot of misconceptions about me and my shop. I am sorry I you were one of the people who commented about me and my items but I thought if you were thinking then so might someone else.
So what better way for an insecure blogger to address the issue then by blogging about it! 
If you have any other questions I need to clear up please comment here and I will answer them ASAP!
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  1. Chrissy, Chrissy, Chrissy. Great post! First of all I am a daily stalker of your blog which you know :). lol. All of your creations are cute & are handmade! Which with handmade items comes imperfections we are not machines hints HANDMADE! lol.
    Don’t worry about it, you are who you are and you own it :).

    Your “bloggy” friend!

  2. Janessa VanOeffelen says:

    Chrissy, I think its great what you’re doing and I love checking out your blog! Keep going at it girl! You have my support 🙂

  3. This is my first time on your blog but I just want to say you go girl! Everything looks great to me. You are trying to help support your family while taking care of your kids and your house. It is HARD WORK! Keep your chin up and give yourself a pat on the back!

  4. this is one of the most honest post i have ever read. i commend you for standing up to such negative people and say who you are, what your flaws are and for being proud of who you are. You said things that i think a lot of people wish they could say. just remember.. the only thing that matters is the people WHO LOVE YOUR BLOG and i certaintly am one of those!

  5. Girl, don’t ever doubt your worth! People mock what they don’t understand. You are loved by many, most importantly by your almighty Father. Keep rockin it lady! And AMEN to your thoughts on things being handmade. When I decided to open my shop I was terrified that people would think things were not perfect. then I thought “duh, of course they’re not perfect! Luv u!

  6. I really, really want you to know with everything that I can push at you that watching movies every day is not bad parenting! It’s 2 hours of a very long day.
    Your etsy shop…who the heck is saying the rings aren’t handmade? I buy pendants, charms and fixtures. I put them together. Do I have to melt down the metal into a form to call it handmade? People need to relax…
    Have you ever heard that super famous Gandhi quote? ” I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ. “
    How do we have the nerve to walk around judging and demeaning and hurting those we love? It’s so immensely sad.
    I rarely comment but I read what you write and I think you are perfectly imperfect, just as God intended!

  7. Sorry idid not meant o post twice. I love the lace bracelet, I am going to have to try that. Thanks for sharing it.

  8. Hey Chrissy,
    Don’t let those people get you down. It is not worth it! I love your creations and I consider all of it handmade.
    You know I am glad to hear that I am not the only one whose kids watch too much TV and my house is reck..And I don’t even have a blog! None of us are perfect that is why we celebrate Easter and have faith in Jesus Christ. Keep your chin up and keep up all your great work!

  9. Hey Chrissy,
    Don’t let those people get you down. It is not worth it! I love your creations and I consider all of it handmade.
    You know I am glad to hear that I am not the only one whose kids watch too much TV and my house is reck..And I don’t even have a blog! None of us are perfect that is why we celebrate Easter and have faith in Jesus Christ. Keep your chin up and keep up all your great work!

  10. Wow, I just discovered your blog. Love. You handled the negativity with so much class. Can’t wait to look around some more!!

  11. Good for you sister!! Oh and I love the flower rings. I sing and I love to have something fun on my mic hand!!! 🙂
    Bless you and keep posting I love to read your posts!
    Jennifer Colorado Springs

  12. Thanks for being an amazing REAL person! You are an inspiration!

  13. I can’t believe you have received such hurtful comments. I’m so sorry to hear that.
    I feel like saying the line from Tangled “the world is a dark place, and if it finds just one drop of sunlight, it destroys it”
    That’s extreme, but you get my jist! lol
    Just so you know, I believe online friends can be just as good of friends as the ones you meet up with in the flesh. I moved away from home, so almost all my friends now are online friends, because well, I moved away from all of them, and then I met new ones online too! It’s a great community!
    As for handmade items, I love something unique and handmade, flaws & all. I think of the hard work someone put into it, and I treasure it that much more!
    Glad you shared your heart with us today. I have yet to receive negativity, but I’m sure it’ll come…and rip me apart, so it’s great to know others are there for support when needed! Much love!

  14. I’m so glad to have “met” you the other day. I struggle with the balance of sharing the struggles online without seaming like I’m a complainer. I think *most* of us bloggers or blog readers out there know that there are toys on the floor, laundry sitting in the washer or hubbies helping with dishes. I just wrote a post the other week on how overwhelmed I was and the idea that if anyone says that they have it all together, they don’t – and we shouldn’t believe it. Don’t feel the pressure to have to have it all together. It’s not possible. We’re all just sharing our lives, connecting, and yes, making real friendships online. (Hopefully meeting some someday!)
    I’m glad you share your faith – yes, Jesus is our Savior!
    God bless (and that’s not just a phrase I’m “adding”)

  15. Love you!! ((HUG))

  16. your such a beautiful woman with a gorgeous blog, i don’t necessarily blog much myself but i see in other blogs, just how much sacrifice is involved- Especially those very special mothers :D. YOU do a great job and i always look forward to any post you give, it makes me so happy there are people out there willing to give their lives publically so others can benefit and be inspired.
    Everyone has faults and i acknowledge the fact that if you constantly dwelt on them through your conversations, posts etc.- how would you be able to move on and accept who you are :D, but it’s always a blessing every now and then when you let us know what your feeling, it reminds me that there is no perfect family, or no perfect person – just people who are doing the best they can in their own circumstance.
    Keep smiling, i can see how God is using you as a beacon to many other ladies (and possibly a few men). No matter what people say, you are an amazing woman, and if for no-one else – you are a wonderful impact in my life.
    much love,

  17. Chrissy,
    I loved this post..I say hate on haters. I have had people to be mean to me also. It’s hard because you try to be nice and people just like to try n take you down. I think your a wonderful Blogger and I’m ooh so happy to be one of your “internet” always have been so nice to me, and I appreciate it soo much . I have learned that people will be mean, but their just jealous. Just smile and say Jesus loves you 🙂 luv ya girl!!!

    Xoxo Andrea

  18. Hey Chrissy. I know this is maybe just my 2nd comment… I know, I know! Bad reader! I have yet to have a mean comment but everyone gets one so I hope I am ready…. :-S

    You should NOT appologize for being YOU. I WISH my living room looked as good as yours some days! I struggle with every single thing you listed…. PLUS some! I don’t know what it is about some people, but obviously they have something going on in their life…. some insecurities…. jealousy… offenses…. who knows. And they choose to take it out on others hoping it will make them feel better and fill the void I guess??? And at the end of the day it STILL doesn’t make them feel any better….

    Just know that you are wonderfully and prefectly made…. 🙂


  19. Chrissy,

    So sorry to hear that people would want to tear you down with negative comments. It’s always harder when they are people you thought you could trust. Clearly you are seen as a threat to them in some way so you must be just that more amazing! Don’t worry about your imperfections, everyone has them but we don’t always talk about them. Why would we constantly be reminding our readers about our struggles and flaws? Would anyone really want to read that day after day? We share what we choose and remember that in the end it is YOUR blog and who cares if someone is mean to you about it. They don’t have to read it. You are an amazing person and mother and believe me I know about the balancing work/blogging with motherhood/housework thing!! Keep up the awesome work girl.

  20. I have to remember to take 1 little pill in the morning, and 1 little pill at night. I don’t do as much laundry as I should. We watched the same movie 3 times in a row today. I broke my no-buying freeze to buy my pretty headband from you…and now I find out you didn’t hand dye the fabric in your kitchen sink after painstakingly weaving it from a loom? What the heck, woman?!!
    If I said “brush off the haters” would I sound ridiculous?

  21. The best blogging advice I’ve gotten has been “you know you are getting big when the negative comments start coming.” It’s so hard, but take it as a compliment. If you weren’t putting yourself out there, there would be nothing to criticize. But you ARE putting yourself out there, your REAL self, and I love you for it! My kiddo has watched 5 hours of Elmo today if we want to get real with it. I’m looking at a living room that looks just like yours as we speak. Dinner is still on the table. So be it!!! We are moms, but we are still people! We deserve time to ourselves, things we enjoy, making things we are proud of. Don’t let nasty people with their nasty comments get you down. As sad as it is, no matter how bad they made you feel, they already feel worse about themselves.

  22. Chrissy, you are an amazing person! I think we maybe had a similar day? Feeling picked on a bit? Now let’s go kick those haters’ butts. We are amazing, wonderful people who believe in God and LOVE HIM and the wonderful life he has given us! And we aren’t perfect – but life would be boring if we were. We learn from mistakes, have good laughs and memories over them, even cry over them and then learn a lot from them. THAT IS LIFE! People who talk trash only do so because they are themselves insecure and need a reason to feel better about themselves – and do so by putting people down who threaten them. DON’T WORRY ABOUT THEM! I love ya woman – and thanks for your support every day :]

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