Dear 16 year old self

Dear 16 year old Chrissy,

I’m writing to you out of love and with your best interest in mind.
Please believe me when I say that.

There are so many things I want to talk to you about but today I’ll limit it to the majors. First let’s talk about friends. Your friends are going to be very important in your life. Do not seek out the cool, the popular, the in crowd. You need to be seeking out the honest, the loving, and the ones who put Jesus above all else. You want friends who will not tear you down but will encourage you. Friends that will laugh with you but not at you. And when you find these friends hold onto them, make sacrifices for their friendship, be intentional, and put their needs above yours but always making sure to not get walked on. These friends will become “your people”. They will be the people that you seek council from. The people that will laugh with you, cry with you, celebrate with you, and most importantly love Jesus alongside of you.

Boys are not everything. Find your confidence in Jesus. Become secure in Jesus love for you and not how many boys look your way. Boys are going to bring you a lot of heartache and I’m worried for you. You are dealing with a lot of hurt and confusion from your past and it will lead you down a path of more hurt and confusion. Walk away, walk away from needing boys for affirmation. If you want to keep an on a boy keep it on Jake. But take time to get to know him. Understand him and learn to love all of him. Respect his boundaries and make sure you are firm in yours Jesus has a plan for your relationship and he will bless you when you follow his ways and seek his will in all that you do. Don’t rush things, take your time, learn to fully love each other.

Most importantly seek Jesus with all your heart. I know you don’t have a relationship with him right now but he is going to become your best friend. He will be all you need in your life. So please put away your pride and your worldly desires and fall in love with Jesus now. Jesus will be the one who holds you when no one is around. He will love you no matter what you do. He will forgive you and is the only one that can assure your salvation and eternity in heaven.

I look forward to seeing everything that you do. Be proud of the girl God created you to be. Make sure to spend time with your family, serving others, in church, and loving all the people God created.

Sincerely a grown-up you.

18 yr old me pregnant

18 yr old me pregnant

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  1. Carisa Woodwyk says:

    This is perfect! I wish I had read this at 16!!!

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