currently I am…

currently i am

One of my favorite ways to stay connected to share what we are are currently doing.
Currently I am:

Reading – The Book of Revelations and my Chronological Bible reading plan, yes i have been working on it since Feb 2014, i’ll get there eventually, I hope

Writing – for my 31 days series: #31daysofwriting

Playing – solitaire on my phone, it’s the only game I have on it, but it’s my favorite.

Watching – too much tv, fall shows have started back up and I can’t stop. Blindspot is a new fav.

Trying – to manage my Crohns better but doing a poor job at it. I can’t seem to get into a good place of remission again.

Cooking – well baking, all things pumpkin right now. I mean all things.

Drinking – Ice Water, It’s all I can seem to tolerate today

Eating – left over chicken tacos and lots of mini chocolates, oh and pumpkin dessert

Calling – my pharmacy, waiting for a med refill

PinningWar room ideas, and fall flavored recipes

Tweeting – what ever random thing i see online!

Doing – list making, planning, organizing, decorating

Going – to finish some last minute grocery shopping then to small group for a fall dinner

Loving – my small group, new friends, family time, and of course life long friends

Hating – that winter is nearing, except I love Christmas time.

Re-Discovering – How to be a better wife, mom, and friend.

EnjoyingBSF, it’s amazing.

Thinking – I need a girls weekend. food, friends, laughs, repeat

Feeling – blue about the fact that I have been so sick lately. I wish my Crohns would just disappear.

Missing – coffee, oh how I miss drinking coffee, Esp this time of year

Hoping for – complete healing of my Crohns, If not God’s will then at least remission

Listening – to kids sing in the shower

Celebrating – A friends pregnancy, Husbands job, and kids enjoying school

Smelling – perfume that little Lennie keeps spraying all over

Thanking – God for a husband who picks up the slack when I can not

Considering – finally coloring my hair and getting rid of the greys

Starting – a new Bible study in youth group. Looking forward to spending time in God’s word with these girls again.

You can follow along with the rest of my 31 day series here:

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  1. I love this post, I’ve never one like this before , it was really interesting reading. Good luck with everything. 😉

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