One way we can get to know each other better is by sharing how we are currently living life.

Reading Chronological Bible reading plan, yes i have been working on it since Feb 2014, i’ll get there eventually

Writing – nothing, i have major writer’s block. So many ideas floating in my head that i can’t seem to write down. I have a ton of craft ideas to share, but again my creativity is lacking right now.

Playingshopkins, oh how i love those little guys. Maybe more than Lennie does.

Watching – again nothing, there has not been a show i want to see. Help a sista out will you.

Trying – to declutter every room in my house in hopes that God says it’s time to move now.

Cooking – tacos, did you really expect anything different? didn’t think so

Drinking – Sunny D with Ice, and Ice Water

Eating – ramen noodles, chicken flavor. Judge if you must.

Calling – my Dr’s office about a prescription question

Pinning – any and all S’more recipes

Tweeting – fun make up ideas. i know not my normal!

Doing – Laundry. EVERYDAY. meal planning

Going – to get more blood work – story of my life

Loving – my church small group

Hating – the fact that summer is almost over, but also excited that fall is approaching

Re-Discovering – Who God says I am not who the world says

Enjoying – getting my house uncluttered and cleaned! weird i know

Thinking – I need a girls night ASAP. A crazy laugh all night, eat too much, drink too much (pop) girls night.

Feeling – blue about the fact that I have been so sick lately. I wish my Crohn’s would just disappear.

Missing – coffee, oh how I miss drinking coffee

Hoping for – complete healing of my Crohns

Listening – Christy Nockels, check her out of you have not

Celebrating – A close friend’s new job, the end of summer, start of school,

Smelling – paint drying, could be worse

Thanking – God for friends that have servants hearts and for friends/family that pray at all hours for us

Considering – getting my hair chopped

Starting BSF in Sept for the first time. I don’t know anyone that is going so I am a little nervous..

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  1. I just did BSF for the first time last year, and it was the best Bible study I’ve ever experienced. I would highly recommend it, regardless of if you know anyone or not! Which class are you going to? I’ll be in Caledonia!

  2. BSF is exactly the type of in-depth Bible Study I have been craving but, unfortunately, the closest one to me is either Yakima or Wenatchee and our minivan will not make it that far (CVC Joint is getting ready to break). Too bad they did not have one in Ellensburg where I live ;o(.

  3. Reading – “Overcoming Life’s Challenges-Lessons From the Life Of Joseph” by Bill Crowder

    Writing – I have writing down the ton of craft idea plans to share, but my physical pain has been too high the past week to write the blog posts about them or to even do them.

    Playing – Wordz Up!

    Watching – The Sun Set every night with my hubby and our dog Pepper.

    Trying – To get our apartment cleaned up so I can work on redoing my Crafting Desk (which is really a Meeting Hall Table with a Skirt but I found the cutest wrapping paper that I am going to put on top of my Desk and then cover it with four coats of Polycrylic…Yeah .,…pumped about this project!

    Cooking –Nothing, The hubby does the cooking mostly now.

    Drinking – Coca-Cola and Ice Cold Water

    Eating – Tapioca Pudding Snack pack

    Calling – Calling my Specialists as in the Plural Sense…bleh…

    Pinning – Bible Journaling, Crafts, Blogging advice.

    Tweeting – Everything that I Pinned :o)

    Doing –Getting to know you :o)

    Going – Colonoscopy, Bloodwork, Hip MRI to see if Bone Tumor has grown, Therapy for my Complex PTSD and Major Depression.

    Loving – My Hubby and my Garden.

    Hating – the fact that summer is almost over and that my physical pain will be getting worse due to the Cold Intolerance I have in my feet and low back. I need a new pair of hunting grade Long Johns.

    Re-Discovering – I can do anything through Christ which Strengthens me and that impossible actually says I am Possible.

    Enjoying – being able to clean my apartment after spending almost three full years on my back due to my physical pain being out the roof.

    Thinking – I need a Vacation with the hubby. That I wish we could get a reliable van.

    Feeling –Heartbroken because my hubby and I are trying to plan our Vow Renewal and now both of us have serious health issues going on.

    Missing – My hubby’s hugs and sweet little kisses. And His Voice.

    Hoping for – A Godly Marriage Revival and Friends as most of my friends have died from various forms of Cancers.

    Listening – TobyMac

    Celebrating –The fact I am still alive and breathing on my own. I have multiple Rare diseases that are very painful and have almost killed me.

    Smelling – Peppermint Essential Oil or Almond Oil to lift my Spirits.

    Thanking –Thanking God for the Good Things in my life as well as the very hard lessons I had to learn in letting my hopes of my biological family getting reunited again go. But continuing to pray for them as well as both of my Children my own mother forced me to give up.

    Considering – 1. Starting a Fairy Garden in my garden around the tree next to my apartment.
    2.Taking my Blog to the next level and reaching out for my Niche which is Chronically Ill Crafters and holding a Craft Supplies Swap Called the Masquerade.

    Starting – To reach out to other people and Bloggers in hopes of finding some friends as in RL I have only one. I need to find my Tribe :o)

    • Oh Karen I am so sorry your going through so much. Like you mentioned, Christ can get you through it. I am glad you have the trust in Him to walk you through this. Praying for healing and comfort.

  4. I love this get to know….may try it on my blog.

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