So things have been pretty yucky around the Boerman house. I have been very sick. I have good days but mostly bad ones! Except this week things might be looking brighter…that might be because my head is not in toilet so much! SO we have told Hailey the big news and she was so excited. We told her sooner than we had planned as we were trying to top some bad news with good news. Hailey over heard us talking about me loosing my job Friday. Yup Fired… You know the funny thing is I thought it would never happen as I worked for two doctors who supported me and were always telling me I did a great job. Even now that I am gone they are telling others I was great to work with. Makes you wonder. What crazy things were said about me to make me loose my job. When I was fired I did not get any answers nor did I ask that point did it matter. SO that leaves us with so much to think about right now…No job for me and a baby on the way. So now we need to pray and are asking you all to pray. Pray for God’s will in our lives. Is it God’s will for me to be a stay at home or should I be back out in the work field full time. I of course am hoping I can stay and Jake wants that too but money is always an issue we can survive but we would like a little cushion in case of an emergency. Although thanks Dave Ramsey we have our emergency fund. SO again I ask that you pray God’s will happens in our lives. I know we can not set deadlines of God but my belly is starting to grow. It is going to be harder to find a job with a big belly staring everyone in the face.

So again we are happy about this baby and look forward to the future of our family. And oh man Braedon is going to be a middle child. Watch out world this little boy is going to rock the world!! Hailey is going to be a GREAT big sister and a wonderful helper. I am looking forward to see her grow and mature. Mature in a good way and no more of this Hannah Montana High school musical attitude! I know you moms out there agree. Girls can be drama!

Time for bed as I can not listen to this debate any longer. Til next time!


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