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I taught my daughter how to make embroidery hoop art this year so she could create handmade Christmas gifts for her friends. It was fun seeing her enjoy something that I love making myself.

With all this thread and fabric laying out I was reminded of my childhood. I was reminded of seeing my mom watching her shows and cross stitching. I remember one year in particular, she was making a quilt for my cousin. I think she bit off more than she could chew because she taught my sister and I how to cross stitch and we began helping her make the squares for the quilt. I loved this time together. We would sit in the living room watch dark shadows (an old school vampire soap) and stitch away.

dmc floss

With those memories on the surface of my heart I headed to the store.
I purchased some evenweave fabric, embroidery needles, and of course dmc floss in a variety of colors. At the time I was shopping I had no idea what I was going to make, so I picked random colors I liked and that went well together.

rose cross stitch pattern

Once I returned home I headed straight to Pinterest to find some inspiration. I searched cross stitch charts and came across a beautiful rose pattern. I knew I had enough colors to complete the project.

Little Nancy man was resting on the couch after a fall yesterday so I thought I would join him in watching some cutthroat kitchen and stitch away.

I made pretty fast progress while watching about 7 episodes of the show!

cross stitch phase 1 of a rose

cross stitch rose phase 2

rose phase 3 cross stitch

I still need to finish the green and add something below the rose. I think I will leave off the heart and add a bible verse reference.

Now off to pinterest and Etsy to find some more ideas for my next project.

Do you Cross Stitch?

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