coughing, sniffles, and fevers Oh my…

That’s what my weekend has consisted of. 
This time it was me not my kids.
I am so lucky that Princess H is old enough and willing to help out when Mom is sick. She took care of Mister B and Little A while Hubby J was working and let me sleep.
My life necessities right now!
I am usually a tough one when it comes to the common cold 
but this one knocked me down for 24 hours.
I was running a fever of 102.5 and had body aches so bad I would have thought I was hit by a truck
Little A and I stayed home from church today and let me tell you it was not a productive mornging. 
Looked a little like this..
Yes the high chair is in the living room! easier to see the TV! 
piles of blankies and stuffed animals on the couch.
Little A running around eating toast
doing a lot of this:
PBS watching!
On a lighter note I was able to get some craft projects started and finished this week. 
I made these curtains for a friends house:

I used this tutorial from beneath my heart to make them.
I also started to create these little mailboxes for my MOPS group. I am not finished with these yet but close. Just need to personalize them. I also made them a special something to put inside but I can not show you that yet in case they are reading my blog!
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