Cosmo Bag-Amy Butler Style Stitches Sew-A-Long

As I mentioned before I joined my first Sew-A-long. We are sewing 1 bag a month from Amy Butler’s book Style Stitches

January’s bag was called the Cosmo Bag.

I could not wait to start creating this huge purse. When I found out we were making the Cosmo Bag I knew exactly which fabric I would be using for the main part. Seeing as this bag is so big you can use a large pattern as the exterior fabric.

These fabrics are from Hobby Lobby’s line Brother Sister Design. I love the colors in all these fabrics. It’s perfect for any season.
This bag was listed as “easy”. Although the actual sewing part of this bag was pretty easy, interpreting some of Amy’s instructions was not. There were a few times when I had to post questions on the Flickr pool in order to move through a step. Other times I found myself reading and rereading the instruction about 60+ times until it made sense! I know her book included a glossary of terms and instructions but some were worthless. The lovely “stay stitch” almost was the death of my pretty purse. Thankfully I was not alone on the misunderstanding of this step and worked through it with the help of some expert sewers!
One of my favorite parts of the bag is the cute button. The instructions said to use the same fabric as the handles but I chose to make it stand out more by using the exterior fabric.

The pockets are probably my most favoritest (yes I used most favoritest) part. The pattern called for two very large pockets divided in half (making 4 large pockets!) It also states to use the lining fabric to make these. I used the lining fabric for the inside of the pockets and the handle fabric for the outside of the pockets for a little more contrast, not because I messed up
I knew I would lose everything with just 4 large pockets, so I changed mine slightly. I kept one side as the instructions called for. On the other side I made one large pocket and then divided the other side into two smaller pockets. I kept one the original depth for storing pens. The remaining pocket I shortened, making it the perfect cell phone pocket.

I read a lot of posts about the exterior side pockets and debated on whether to add them at all. In the end I thought why not at least try them on my first Cosmo bag! I am so happy I did. I love them. I heard a lot of people say they are worthless pockets. I totally disagree. I used mine for caring coffee-mate creamer to a bible study, a sippy cup for Little A, and a water bottle for Mister B.

Overall I am in love with my Cosmo bag. Will I make another one soon? Probably not. Not because it was hard to make but because you have to cut out like 1 million pieces. It literally took me almost 2 hours to iron on all the interfacing! Maybe I will make Princess H’s next punishment to do all my ironing!! 

okay I hear you already…yes I will model my bag for you! 

Even Mister B had to participate wanted in on the photo shoot! 

I encourage you to join us for next months sew-a-long challenge. 

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  1. Oh, all the stuff I could fit in that bag! I adore it. Thanks so much for linking up!

  2. Wow I Love to sew!! I am definitely going to make this bag!! thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!!

  3. I am totally stoked over this bag! I think you did an awesome job. Wonder how many people are going to stop you and ask, “Where did you get that bag?”

  4. Love your bag! It’s huge! Perfect size for a bag! Cute, cute!

  5. Looks great! I like your variations for the inside pockets. It definitely needs some smaller pockets.

  6. I LOVE this! Can I buy it from you! 🙂

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