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When I was over at NickMom I saw this picture and it reminded me of our “fun” Christmas picture adventure. I know I am not alone here. Please tell me I am not alone here.


I think before Pinterest my Christmas card expectations were low. I was even satisfied using a cute card from Target and just signing our names inside. I know what you are thinking, ordinary. Or maybe you are thinking that’s what I do now, and that’s okay. We all have things to work on. Our cards have changed from year to year, depending on what I am obsessing over interested in at the time.

One year we had a cute family picture post card, another year it was a Creative Memories scrapped beauty, other years I did a Christmas letter, with and without pictures. I even made a picture collage magnet once. But there was one year that still stands out.

Let me set the scene:
Christmas music is playing; the tree is being decorated by all, or was it? I was micromanaging the placement of decorations. Does it really matter? The ornaments made it on the tree. The fireplace was blazing, or it may have been the Fireplace Channel on Netflix. Again, does it matter? I picked out cute Christmas outfits for the kids to wear, coordinating without being too matchy-matchy

#motherfunny Christmas picture #shop #cbias

Now, before we move on I need you to know that I had just purchased a new camera. I was not good at all a pro yet. (I am still not even close to a pro but I know how to fake it at least.)  I watched a few YouTube videos and read a few blogs, in one ear and out the other. All I was asking for was a Christmas card that looked like we had a professional photographer take the photos. Is that really too much to ask?

Little Miss was first up for her photo shoot. Her hair was done up all cute. It was straightened with little twist back bangs. She has a sensitive head and hates having her hair brushed by anyone else, let alone straightened. Just imagine her joy as she sat through the process of making her Susie-Q curls pin straight. She even had a little glitter added to her eyelids. Glitter lip gloss lasts longer on the lids. Try it; I dare you, but do not tell anyone I recommended it. About 30 pictures later, we captured a great picture of her. Note to self: never let your child sit in a rocking chair if you have no idea how to work your camera, unless blurry pictures are your thing.  I hear that’s cool these days.

Little Mister’s turn: I put him in a cute little Gap sweater that was handed down to us. I loved the print and the colors. He, however, did not like the fit, or the fabric, or being stuck in the sweater for a long period of time. I was able to snap only a few pictures before he hit his breaking point. Each picture I did capture resulted in the happiest Christmas smile you could imagine. Oh wait, that was the kid sitting perfectly on Pinterest. My son chose to make his “bah-humbug” face, and yes, this went on our Christmas card. I loved the fact he shared his true feelings at the time. What can I say? Some like Christmas and some don’t, at least the picture-taking part anyway!

All I can say is, at least he was not as upset as the year before!


 I would love to see your hilarious Christmas mishaps. While I wait for your stories you can find me over at NickMom’s facebook page laughing at all the awesome Thanksgiving stories being shared. I am pretty sure they stole THIS photo from our Thanksgiving gathering last year.

I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and its client.

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  1. I LOVE that you admit to micromanaging the placement of the ornaments. My husband TOTALLY does that. I’m always like, “WHY DON’T YOU JUST PUT THEM ON THEN?!?!” HA! I’m so thankful for NickMom for bringing moms like us together to realize that perfect is a figment of the imagination. #client
    Summer Davis recently posted..Family Feud: A Thanksgiving to RememberMy Profile

  2. Haha! Umm… this is any picture I ever take 😉 There’s usually only one or two “acceptable” ones! Darn kids!
    Chelsea recently posted..Alea’s New Favorite BooksMy Profile

  3. I definitely have some Christmas card fails and we don’t even have kids yet!
    Kendra recently posted..Christmas Is Coming – Get Ready To PartyMy Profile

  4. LOL, so funny! Your little ones are so precious!
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  5. Ha, their faces are priceless!

  6. Christmas pictures NEVER turn out like you want them too! I think these are still adorable though!
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  7. Crazy faces or not they are super adorable!!!
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  8. Haha! I’ve become happy if they’re standing in the vicinity of one another. It’s like herding cats. 🙂
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  9. Haha. We have triplets this year so we may not even do a picture.
    Melanie recently posted..Thank You and a $100 Amazon Gift Card GiveawayMy Profile

  10. I know exactly what you mean! I ended up picking one of our out takes to go on ours. The two big kids watching CJ and him trying to grab an ornament. It’s our reality so much better to share it!
    Em @ And Nothing Else Matters recently posted..One Month…My Profile

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