Christmas home tour 2012

I love getting to peak into other’s houses
yes, i am the creeper that looks in your windows when i drive by.
i love seeing paint colors and fun wall decor.
It’s always fun especially around the holidays to see how people decorate.
I loved these Christmas home tours:


So i thought I would add my little home to the list..
here is how we decorate…simple.. and cheap!
our tree..

it’s about 4 ft tall, pre-lit and perfect for the space we have for it.
this is before the “organized chaos” hit…

this is after the kids decorate it themselves..
I do “manage” this chaos by only getting out ornaments of the same color scheme.. (green, white, red and silver, gold) I do allow a few of hubbies childhood, but that’s it!
I do not have a place to add decorations in the kitchen so this is as “festive” as that room gets.
and to be honest i will not do that again next year. it felt tacky and forced!

on the opposite wall hangs this wreath, nestled with a few snowflakes from my Apples of Gold Mentor Mom.

the wall the joins the kitchen and living room is where my gallery wall lives!
this is my joy banner from last year.. and a another wreath..

my “mantle” aka is where i keep my white coffee filter flowers, I love these and they work with every season.
I added a small circle Christmas doily under our scentsy warmer.

I bought this vase a good will last year and love it for filling with ornaments.
silver and red of course!

my first ever printable… and still my favorite!
the “mantle” as a whole…

on top of my computer armoire is the little wooden trees we made last year.
I also added a dollar store wooden Santa and some people dressed for winter ( from hubbies childhood)

I took this photo on Dec 4th.. this is our card wall..

and I took this photo on Dec 28th.

lots of love from family and friends..
you can check out a previous Christmas home tour here

Did you share any Christmas home tour pictures.. 
I would love to see them.. 

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