Christmas eve plans

christmas eve

this year we have decide to do Christmas a little different. we’ve decided that for Christmas eve and Christmas day we will be shut ins. Our door will be open to anyone looking for a place to hangout. but as for us we will stay home. Christmas gets so chaotic with running here and there, to this party and that party, her program and his program. It’s become overwhelming and causes us to lose focus.

My husbands siblings are coming over Christmas eve and staying the night. We have fun family stuff planed. I m looking forward to our new tradition of staying home and hanging out.

Christmas eve to do list

We are going to start the afternoon by putting on our favorite iheart Christmas radio station. and then begin the “fun” task of cleaning the house. Especially the kids bedrooms, we need to make room for the new items they will get for Christmas. Thankfully when me moved my kids purged a lot of their toys. currently they only have toys in their rooms they actually play with.

after we finish cleaning, we will take a break, may take a nap, and relax until dinner time. For dinner we are going to make homemade pizzas. To lesson the mess and stress over dinner, i purchased already made crusts and small can of sauce. We picked up lots of cheese and pepperoni. I may even get fancy and brown some sausage! LOL

after pizzas we will clean up and get ready for the real fun! Cookie making. I have a recipe we usually that a friend gave me years ago. It tastes great and is easy to make. BUT, this year i thought we would branch out and try a new one. I mean if the pin says “Best Sugar Cookie Recipe” it must be true right?!? but if it does not hold true to the caption, here is our regular recipe.

after cookies we will relax in the living, with a warm fire in the wood stove, and sit as a family to watch home alone! I mean really, is it really Christmas without watching the wet bandits? I didn’t think so.

Home Alone

Once the movie is over, we will allow the kids to open a few gifts from their Grandma’s in Florida! Before heading to bed each kid will lay out their stocking. Santa does not visit our home for the holidays. The kids know it’s us, but still get just as excited waiting for Christmas morning.

Our Christmas morning rules:

  1. You may get your stocking and open anything in it whenever you wake up.
  2. You may not wake up mom and dad until AFTER 7am.
  3. Cinnamon rolls before breakfast!
  4. No leaving our house/yard the whole day

what about you? do you do something special for Christmas eve? Christmas Day?

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