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By now you may have noticed I am a lover of hashtags. I love creating a new one for each new home improvement project. It gives me a quick way to organize my photos that I have shared via social media and ways for family/friends to stay connected on recent projects. It’s also fun to create unique boermanhashtags that are specific to our family, for holidays, vacations, and so on.

What is a hashtag: /haSHtag/ noun
A hashtag is a word or an unspaced phrase prefixed with the hash symbol (“#”). Hashtags make it possible to group such messages, since one can search for the hashtag and get the set of messages that contain it.

When we first decided to sell our home I created the hashtag #boermansmovingout. I shared pictures of getting the house ready to sell, showings, selling, and buying our new home.

#boermanhouseredo is a place I can share all the updates we are making in our current home! It’s fun to go back and see all the changes we have been able to make!

Before we sold our previous house we decided to take the front room closet and turn it into a DIY closet mudroom. I shared the process with the hashtag #closetmudroom

Apparently I do not think closets should have doors or be used for coats because in our current house I changed our coat closet into a #boermanclosetoffice.


It’s so fun to look back at all the pictures from our #boermansummer and #boermanchristmas, and how our sneaky little elf had such a fun time playing in our house #sheldonwashere. Each of my kids even have a hashtag specific to them.

My old blog name still has a tag hiding in cyberspace #boermanramblings. I did however learn that sometimes you need to be careful when adding a hashtag to something. There may be other photos linked to that hashtag that are not appropriate. For a short time I was using the tag I thought would be good for the pearl blog but it wasn’t and I quickly had to delete all those tags. whoops. Lesson learned. Search a hashtag before using it.

Alright your turn… share your personal hashtags or some of your favorite to follow.. go

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