Blogger to WordPress, what i miss…

blogger to wordpress

let me start by saying I do not regret the move from Blogger to WordPress
I love WordPress
it’s just a big transition
it’s like going to a foreign country
and you already know you like food and how to speak
but now how to read a their menu or speak their language!
I wanted to share with you a few features that I miss from the Blogger platform
**just a side note all these issues may be user error

  1. 1.       the ease of editing font size in a post
    in Blogger you can just click the font size drop down menu and poof it was done
    in WordPress you need to edit the size via HTML or CSS coding
  1. 2.       having your signature automatically show up in each new post you right
    in Blogger you just added your code under post settings and it automatically updated every time you wrote a new post
    in WordPress you again have to manually enter the HTML code in each and every post …totally exhausting***
  1. 3.       you only had to worry about gadgets
    in Blogger everything was a gadget and you can easily edit it in the blog HTML if you would wanted too
    in WordPress you have plugins and widgets neither of which you can alter easily and sometimes not at all unless you contact the plugin or widgets developer
  1. 4.       the layout screen
    in Blogger you can view your entire blog layout with each gadget shown in the correct place, this way you had a visual of where each thing was supposed to go on your blog
    in WordPress everything is listed in a sidebar, all the widgets are listed under categories such as: header right, primary sidebar, secondary sidebar, home Top, footer 1, footer 2, footer 3. it takes me forever to remember where each one shows up on my blog. I’m constantly looking up in my themes design to find things

are you on Blogger: what features are you loving and hating
if you are on WordPress: what drives you insane and what makes you get excited
like I mentioned before some or most of these issues may be user error

if you have any suggestions or advice please help a sister out if you can


***I was directed to a plugin that is called bottom of every post. It allows you to add html and have specific text (or an image) show up at the end of each post. Praise God!

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  1. I’m considering making the switch soon. Luckily I just started in August so I don’t have too much to mover over…and I’m not completely used to Blogger. Fingers crossed for an okay transition!
    Lindsay recently posted..Christmas series Part 3: One thing babies NEEDMy Profile

  2. I always tell my clients that there’s a HUGE learning curve and they may hate WP before they love it 🙂

    #1, you can easily add a plugin to allow you to be able to change the font size easier, search for “visual editor font size” and see what you come up with.

    #2, this can be coded in by a designer via PHP to make sure it shows up on every post for you OR, use a plugin like “bottom of every post” to make it happen (problem with that plugin is that when it updates, you may have to re-do it

    AND, the other things – you’ll get used to, I promise 🙂
    Jessica recently posted..Coconut Oil & your hairMy Profile

  3. I’ve had both WordPress and Blogger and much prefer WordPress. Though, I use ProPhoto as well, which I also love. But like as always when learning something new, there is a huge learning curve. Good luck!
    Chantel recently posted..advocate // for the enslaved and trafficked // introductionMy Profile

  4. I just recently made the switch from to blogger — I know, right?! I had been contemplating upgrading to, since I had been with wordpress [using a few different blogs] for close to a decade. I thought I would see what blogger was like before taking the plunge [+ spending that much money!] and I LOVE IT!

    I love the customization that wasn’t there with the free version of wordpress. I love the ease in finding everything + knowing where everything should go. google just seems to do that pretty well with all of their apps.

    that being said, I did really like the wordpress UI. I just wanted the ability to customize my page more than allowed, and if I can do it all for free with blogger, why should I [at this stage of blogging for fun + not for business] pay for something that does essentially the same thing?
    Courtney recently which rowan clicks.My Profile

  5. I totally get what you’re saying! The font size one really irks me when I’m trying to make statements stand out. I’ve pretty much remembered to copy/paste my siggy html every time, but there’s definitely been a few posts I had to go back and edit it into.
    Jelli recently posted..A week of 1stsMy Profile

  6. For my signature, I just have the image uploaded and then I can just search for it when I add media, and not upload every single time. Doing that just wastes space! Great post!
    Julie S. recently posted..Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  7. I have been with Blogger for over 12 years and recently began my WordPress blog to make the switch. Boy, I’m with you! WordPress doesn’t seem to be as cohesive (user friendly) as blogger. It may just be that I need time to get used to it but, I miss all the things you listed too. I haven’t made a full commitment to WP yet, I’m hoping it gets better as I play around with it more.
    carrie recently posted..1990s | I Will.My Profile


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