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First of all I want to thank everyone for taking the time to fill out my blog survey.
I really appreciated all the feedback, good and bad. Some of the comments even made me blush.
I am very lucky to have such supportive readers.

I wanted to share with you what I learned from my survey…

Some changes that needed to be made:
  • my blog was too wide for most screens (fixed)
  • my side bars were not easy to navigate (things are now grouped together)
  • my side bars were too cluttered (some things have been removed)
  • my header was too large (fixed)
  • People wanted a main navigation bar (added under header)
Posts you wanted to see in 2012:
  • more about me (yeah you like me)
  • more about my faith, and how God is working in my life (thanks for whoever wrote that)
  • more inspirations stories
  • more crafts, DIY projects
  • more tutorials

Interesting facts I learned with the survey:

  • 71% of you have a blog
  • you were split evenly on what time of day you read the blog, most of u said it varied
  • only 86% of you thought was blog was easy to navigate. I hope i fixed this for you. 
  • 48% of u thought my giveaway/discount post were good how they were.
  • you were very indecisive regarding having more guest posts on the blog!
  • 67% of you follow BR through facebook/twitter, 57% directly form the blog, and RSS, Google +, and other all tied for 14%. Looks like if I get rid of Google Friend connect not many will be effected!

Thanks again for all your helpful feedback. I look forward to spending more time with you in 2012.
I hope we can grow together and encourage each other. Of course craft and eat too!

Are there any new changes you think I should make since updating the blog? Please leave me a comment on this post with your suggestions!

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