Best date night…

Hubby and I think it is very important 
to schedule a monthly date night. 
Sometimes two if we are lucky!
These dates do not always have to just be us.
From time to time we like to chat with other couples
instead of staring blankly into each others eyes…
On our most recent date night,  
hubby would not tell me what we were doing.
In case y’all don’t know
I stress about what to wear.
So of course I was a little nervous.
Heels? tennis shoes? boots? causal? dressy?..UGH the possibilities
He finally told me to dress casual.
(what does that even mean?)
I opted for jeans and and black long sleeve T.- safe I know
Of course I jazzed it up accessorized with a large bib necklace and flower ring
So the sitter (my mom) came and off we went.
Destination: unknown {at least to me}
We were headed out and he mentioned that 
maybe we would look at cell phones while we were out
because at the time he still did not have a cell phone.
I know right, get with the times buddy, most 9 year olds already have them 
{ love you honey }
Of course the cell place closed 10 minutes before we got there. 
As he turned around I laughed and said oh honey let’s go there…
(a pottery painting place, knowing he would laugh)
so he parks
I nervously laugh and say “no i was kidding, where are we going?”
He says, “this is it, this is where I was taking you!”
Really, a pottery painting place, I get to get my craft on with you! 
I was super geeked and think I smiled the entire night
He actually really enjoyed himself 
and has mentioned we should go back again! 
Okay ladies, do I not have the best man ever?!?
here are the coffee mugs we painted! 
Mine is the Zebra one with my name on it (duh)
and his is the gray one with the tree of life on it! Yes he is that awesome that he even makes Christ related coffee mugs! The green represents fruit, and the brown circles on the bottoms show that if we are not getting fed we will die. (of course he worded it way better when explaining it to me)
I added 2 pairs to the inside with the year ’11 to represent us being a perfect pair. (and the year was 2011, duh! )
He added YHWH, for Yahweh, Lord, Christ.
I can not wait to see what he plans next time!
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  1. What an amazing date! I love it!

  2. LOVE it! 🙂

  3. Awww so cute that he surprised you with that! 🙂 Love your mugs too! 🙂 That is exactly what Brett and I did on our very first date – and it was a blind date too! We had SO much fun painting pottery together! I agree… it IS a great date night! 🙂 Ps. Your pears in the bottom of your mug were adorable!

  4. How cute!!! What a sweet guy!

  5. super cute! 🙂


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