Bedroom wall mural with Photowall

We are finally working on sprucing up our master by starting with a bedroom wall mural. I planned on using some barn wood a friend gave me to create a headboard for our room. Then Photowall reached out and asked me if I would be willing to review a product from their website. When I saw the gorgeous wall murals, I knew this was the best option for our room. I could get a bigger impact, cover the whole wall, save money, and it was would be way easier.

Let’s take a gander at what the room looked in the beginning.

master bedroom before wallpaper

The hardest part of the entire project was choosing which wall mural would best work in our space. I was automatically drawn to the wood plank look. Choosing a color turned out to be harder than I thought it would be. Did I want to go more white or gray, like the rest of my house? Was white going to be too bright in my room? Did i need it to have more brown since my trim was brown? Should it be darker to draw your eyes to it? So many questions, and I was trying to surprise my husband with the makeover so I couldn’t ask his opinion. Here were my top choices…

Normally I would have been all over white chippy paint but I didn’t feel like it fit my room. I ended up choosing Wooden Plank Wall – Old Silver because it tied in the gray I have everywhere in my house, the lovely teal carpet (that I am not sure we are changing right away) and the brown trim that we won’t be painting white until we are getting rid of said teal carpet.

If I was a good blogger I would have shown you what the product looks like coming out of the box. I totally failed at that. The cool thing about this wallpaper is that it comes on a continuous roll. And each section is numbered. This way you know what order to place your panels so that they line up perfectly. The wallpaper paste is also included in the box.  Photowall offers you a list of recommended tools but also provides some at home solutions. I ended up purchasing a utility knife and Trim Guide.

Thankfully Shelley from Crazy Wonderful took a few photos of what the product looks like before hanging it up.

I had planned for this project to be completed with a girlfriend but then life became crazy and that did not work out. Late one night my husband asked if we could put up the wallpaper together. If you know us then you know that when we work on projects together things usually go awful horrible emotional not the greatest. But, yes but not this time.


The only problem we had during this project was that their instructions for mixing the wallpaper paste. The printed instructions said to use cold water the video they ask you to watch states to use warm water. We had a 50/50 chance of getting this right. I went with the cold water…wrong. The paste clumped up instantly and was a mess to work with. I had to strain it with my kitchen colander to get the clumps out. Then put the clumps in warm water to mix it with my whisk and then strain again. This process took me 45 minutes. Which was longer than it took to put up all the wallpaper. Learn from my mistake. After all was said and done the glue still worked great.


My husband really did this project on his own. I just cut the panels off the roll and wiped the excess paste from the seams. And of course I provided encouragement and moral support! The wall took about 40 minutes. would have been less if I would not have tried to take control in the beginning.

wallpaper headboard

I became obsessed with the wall the moment it was finished. It made such a change in our dark room. We only have one window in our room and its on the opposite wall. That is why you get all the dark grainy pictures. I am sorry.

wood wall mural

My friends at Photowall are giving my readers a 20% discount code. Use the code ThePEARLblogCampaign2018 at checkout. I plan on ordering a bright pattern paper to add inside our pantry. Again its a dark space so I think the pop of color will be fun and brighten thing up.

I love how easy this product was to use, the quality is amazing. We did go with the matte premium paper. I didn’t want a sheen on the walls.


I’d love to hear where you would like to put a fun wallpaper in your home.


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  1. This is soooooooo cute!!!! Love how it turned out!

  2. Liz Opatic says:

    Beautiful! I love how your wonderful personality shows through in your posts.

  3. cristipayton says:

    looks great!! sorry that I bailed on helping! LOL. But I knew it would give you and Jake bonding time. hehe.

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