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So I have not posted in like 3 months. I am am sorry about this. We had a very busy summer. We hung out with our Friends Kate and Bryan a lot. Also we met some neighbors we have lived by for 5 years but never spoke to. Marcia and Matt. We have now developed a great friendship and are saddened we had not met them sooner. We are so lucky to have two great sets of neighbors! Thanks for a fun summer guys!

So this summer we spent a lot of time at the beach. We took a trip to Michigan’s Adventure. Jake and Hailey hit a few concerts and we update our kitchen and living room. Yes Jake used power tools. He did a great job I would like to add. Check out the before and after kitchen pictures.

Hailey started 2nd grade this year. She is at North Park again. We did decide to take her out of the Montessori program as she was struggling with math. She was also a little to social for a class where you do a lot of things on your own. She is in a 2nd/3rd grad split class which we are not thrilled about but will get over it as we do not have another choice at this time. She really likes her teacher and has met some kids her age that she enjoys playing with. Big step from last year. I think Hailey will do well this year.

Braedon is moving ahead with big strides. He is talking to so much now. He speaks in full sentences and answers questions correctly. He has us laughing all the time. He is a little stinker too. He knows how to play people. He likes to try and schmooze you before asking for something he already knows you are going to say no to. Needless to say it’s still cute.

Wed. Sept 17 is the first night of WOW at church and we are really excited. I have been a part of helping get things ready so it’s been fun. I think the kids are going to learn a lot this year and parents should feel well informed this time. I am the team leader for the choir room. I have about 6-8 small group leaders that will be on my team. I am looking forward to see what this year brings us.

For Jake and I, out Sunday school class is AWESOME. We have met some wonderful couples that I think will be life long friendships. We are learning so much about ourselves and even more about GOD. I love hearing how people interpret the sermon. It amazes me on how 25 people can sit the same service but hear something different. I think it’s true that each sermon is just what you need to hear that day. Mind boggling.
Well it’s late. I am going to try and keep updating now. Have a great week.

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  1. I love the kitchen before and after!!!! The new backsplash is AWESOME!!

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