Baby Update…a little late I know

So it’s been a while. We have been pretty busy the last month…No excuse for being lazy to with posting in know.

So what’s new….Let’s start with October 27th…This was the date of my first OB appointment. Before heading out the door I mentioned to Jake that I was nervous about going because what if something was wrong and they could not find the heartbeat. Jake of course told me to chill out and off I went to the appointment. Things were going as planned during the first part of the appointment. Until it was time to hear the heartbeat. As I stated earlier I was nervous already. So 15 seconds goes by and no heartbeat; 30, 45, 60, and 90 seconds; no heartbeat. So the Doctor says you know Chrissy, “it’s normal not to hear the heartbeat at your first OB appointment”. This is normal. OK people, mind you most people go to their first OB appointment at 8 weeks I am 12 weeks at this point. This is my third child and I know better about this and know that we should be hearing the heartbeat by 12 weeks. So we proceeded with the rest of my appointment and then at the end of my appointment he asked if I could stay for a little longer. He asked if I minded getting an ultrasound. I was relived that he asked this. I waited for about 10 minutes and then off to the ultrasound I go. The tech was able to see the baby right away…and yes there was ONE baby. The tech said my uterus was tipped back, and that is why we could not hear the heartbeat with the doppler. The baby was so active and the heartbeat was strong. 175 beats per minute (bpm). So with a huge sigh of relief I hugged the doctor and left my appointment.

So most of November was great. I was not nauseated at all like the previous three months. I was able to go to the gym 4-5 times a week. That was awesome and it showed at my 4 month OB appointment yesterday. I only gained one pound. That makes me -9 pounds gained since September. Yeah baby. My belly is growing but not the rest of me. My “fat” pants right now are a size 8. Before getting pregnant I was wearing a 10. I guess it helps when you loose your job and can’t stop puking in the same month! But hey the baby is growing just as “it” should. As for “it” we will know December 22nd what we are having. We have an ultrasound scheduled and we will be able to let everyone know for Christmas!! I am so excited and can hardly wait! We are going to get a sitter for Braedon and bring Hailey to the appointment. I think she will really enjoy going to that. Oh by the way the baby’s heartbeat was only 150 at this appointment. Still strong but makes me question the gender.

We have been so busy the last few weeks and it is only going to get worse. Hailey’s Christmas Program is coming up (December 21st 6:00pm, at our church). Since I am helping plan the program we are working on details all the time. Next week we start practicing twice a week. I am still making costumes, making sure small groups run ok for WOW on Wed, and teaching my girls a ballet dance that, YES I made up! That should be the reason right there to watch the show.

Ok so this blog entry has gotten a little long. I will update more often…Belly pics coming in a few!

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