Atmosphere at Home

Waking up mentally going through the days to-dos. Realizing as I’m walking down the stairs, I see that dishes are still sitting on the counter from the previous nights dinner. Toys were not picked up off the floor and put away. Laundry was forgotten about in the washer (again). Instead of taking a deep breath and taking it in stride, I take short puffs and am quick to temper. Feeling frustrated and overwhelmed as the day goes on.

Anyone else with me?

Its so easy to fly off the handle and rush through trying to get all caught up. I’ve had many days that way. Sadly. Then it hit me quiet time, am I being a Mary or a Martha? Am I investing in relationships and making an enjoyable home environment? Or am I more concerned about checking off that list at any cost? OUCH.

Did I stop to play, to push on the swings, or go for a bike ride?

Sitting down to ask hubby about his day?

To give hugs and kisses

Giving life giving words, building them up.

That old saying “if momma ain’t happy, nobody is happy” is very true. As a mom, we set the tone for the house for the day. My house will never ever be spotless, but I do like it picked up. Learning to let go at times and not be so rigid with putting things over relationships. Because when I let go –


I can enjoy him laughing, being silly as I push him to outer space.


to see that my girl has a sparkle in her eye and her excitement on life.


I get to enjoy even silly moments with the man who stole my heart.

Remembering that my house is to be a place of life and not supposed to look like a cover of a magazine cover ( from Desperate). I have made a cleaning schedule, but focusing more on relationships than the to do list.


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