are you a NO REPLY commenter? heres a tutorial to fix that

 So this tutorial was made by the famous Ashley of Eisy Morgan.

I love how she addresses the issue of NO Reply commenter’s.
and I too get sad that I can not reply to your email.
But Ashley is here to save the day.

Some of you have an issue…
no not THAT one! Save that for Post Secret! ha ha. 
No, you are a NO-REPLY commenter.
What do I mean by that? Not that you don’t reply to comments, no, that is what I first thought too. It means that when you comment on a blog when that blogger wants to comment back to you through email, they can’t!! They get a big ugly slap with the NO-REPLY in the email.
Let me tell you a little secret…
I did not know for the longest time what the best way to reply to comments was? 
I thought you had to have a special widget to reply to them like I saw in me email. 
I searched and searched trying to find one, then I realized…
I wanted and still want every ONE of you to know that I have not only read your comments but really appreciate them, even though I miss one here and there.
So, please, don’t be a no-reply-er! 
I feel so rude when I click that REPLY button but
can’t get back to you
that I forget by the time I am blog hopping what I wanted to say to whomever? 
So sad:(
So this is how you fix it…

1) Go to your dashboard and click on “Edit Profile”
2) Scroll down to your email and click “show my email address”

 If you don’t want a personal email shared, make a blog only e-mail!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


What did I tell you. Super easy to fix and by doing this I can now reply to your emails.
I get about 50-100 emails a day.
Forgive me if it takes a while to get back to you.
I will however do my best!

Don’t forget to check out Ashley’s blog and see what other amazing Bloggin’ tips she shares.

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  1. Ack! VICTORY! Thank you!! I had a super sweet lady that kept sending me the link to fix it but it always said “invalid link” so I could never fix it and to be honest was confused by it, but nowwwww I get it! IT generally does take me awhile to get things anyways though. ;0) Thanks again!

  2. I love blogging tips like this! There’s so much in Blogger that I still am not sure what it means or what it does. Ashely’s site is wonderful! Thanks for tipping me off to it!

    Amanda @

  3. Thanks so much for sharing!! I love this! This is how i reply to my comments too!!

  4. Okay I seriously had no idea! I have now changed it!!

  5. Thanks for the post!!! I have had an issue replying to posts too and thought it was me 🙂

  6. For the longest time I thought No Reply said Nore Ply. I was like, ” What is this nore ply email that everyone has? I’ve never even heard of it! “

  7. Funny you post this… I was just wondering the best way to reply. I always reply on my post but most people probably don’t go back to check if I replied. This tells me most people reply by email 🙂 (I might be slow but I’m getting it!) haha

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