April goals

april goals

Before we begin looking over my goals for April, let em start by saying I sucked in March. In all areas, I was not a good wife, Mom, friend, house keeper, Bible reader, ect. But good thing for grace and repentance and forgiveness. Thank you all for understanding.

Let’s first review last months goals:

My March goals:

  • focus on lent. I’ll be launching a 40 day bible study starting tomorrow to help us focus on lent. I feel like I am going strong here and still maintaining a good pace while filling my heart with Jesus
  • remove my bedroom wallpaper – Fail, but completed it April 9th
  • finish my closet office plans, budget, design theme – all set and ready to shop, and buy wood
  • keep on on my Chronological reading plan – fell really far behind, and needed to push the “catch up” option.
  • Write/mail 4 letters of encouragement to friends and family – COMPLETE fail, did not mail 1 card this month
  • Submit 2 guest posts (one being my monthly contributor post for The Girl Creative)- submitted my TGC post only.
  • Workout 1x a week – NOT ONCE, did I
  • Increase my water intake by 3 glasses each day. – did this off and on but not consistant
  • Finish all currently started and unfinished books. –  Nope only finished a few chapters of 2.

My April goals: 

  1. Complete my Lenten series strong and with a heart full of Jesus
  2. keep on on my Chronological reading plan
  3. finish Bedroom makeover
  4. finish closet office makeover
  5. Submit 2 guest posts (one being my monthly contributor post for The Girl Creative)
  6. mail 4-6 letters of encouragement

I am linking up with Hayley Morgan to share my goals.
What are your goals this month? How did you do last month?

I am sharing my testimony on A slocum Story today. Come visit me and the other ladies this week who are sharing stores of inspiration!

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