almost finished frame wall…

 I feel a so much relief having those hideous construction paper frames off my wall I hated explaining to everyone why they were they, as they stared at them on the wall! I am sure you all remember the post when I showed you my empty frame project…
I had added a few more frames since posting this picture and of course forgot to update the picture. Sorry. 
I am so happy on the finished product I can hardly wait to show you! But first here is a quick recap on what I did.
I used an assortment of old frames I had laying around, and even bought a few for more variety.
I spray painted all the frames a flat black

I traced the shape of each frame on scrap paper.
I placed the template of each frame on the wall using painters tape, to prevent paint pealing. This made it way easier to move them around and see the big picture!
Using a level, nails and a hammer my husband and I put nails right through the paper templates. This way we wold be sure each nail was in the right spot. 


  1. Print the saying Gloria a Dios, out of white vinyl.
  2. make a few book page flowers or butterflies
This is my inspiration :
Here is my before wall:
and my almost finished wall…
Drum roll please….
I am in love with it!  
I am hoping to make the finishing touches this week. 
Let me know what you think. Have updated anything lately?
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  1. looks awesome!

  2. It looks wonderful!! Great job, it’s the perfect thing for that spot.

    Thanks for letting me know to come check it out!! Have a great day!



  3. oh I love it! I’m a bit too intimidated for this still. It looks really great!

  4. I am glad you all like it! I do too! my husband says that’s bragging but oh well…what can I say I love it!

  5. I love it! You’ve inspired me!

  6. CHRISSY! Totally jealous…I may have to still this idea from you. We are re-doing our living room and I have lack of inpiration, UNTIL NOW!! Great job!


  7. Love it! You have such vision.

  8. Love it! I really like the different shapes & sizes of the frames, but the black really pulls it all together. Can’t wait to see your finishing touches.

  9. Nice job! See what a snow day can do for you? Good work.

  10. It looks sharp! Nice job, designer Chrissy 🙂

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