A twist on a favorite recipe

raspberry pretzel jell-o dessert recipe. Describing myself as a recipe

today I thought we could play a little game…
It has to do with you/me and a favorite recipe

If you could describe yourself as a recipe what would it be?
Which of your favorite recipes best describes you?

I am going to go with the latter:
I think that I could be summed up in Raspberry Pretzel Jello

via natashas kitchen

Now you may be wondering how in the world I am like this recipe.
Let me break it down for you by highlighting some of the ingredients

Raspberry Jell-O – My body has areas that jiggle like Jell-O- just sayin’
boiling water – At times my blunt nature can cause me to get into hot water
sugar – I have a very addictive personality (crafts, friends, social media)
butter – made by a process (like me and my faith)
Cool Whip – adaptable ingredient (for hot drinks, cold desserts, as is, mix-in)

Like the raspberry pretzel dessert I am complicated but very simple.
Just the right mix of sweet and salty.
I can also see my self in the colors of the finished product.
Lots of earthy tones and a pop of color.
I am pretty laid back (earthy tones) but when the time is right I like to get all crazy and have fun (pop of color)

To get the full recipe and instructions head over to Natasha’s Kitchen

raspberry Pretzel Jell-O recipe

What recipe would you be?

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