A time of reflection…

you know when you are are in the thick of things…
it’s hard to see any good in it? 
That’s how I have been feeling about this cold I have.
Like really, what good could come from a cold? 
Nothing…exactly what I thought. 
I prayed and begged God to take it away…heal me now I pleaded.
I had not been doing my morning Devotional since I got this blasted cold…until yesterday
I sat down and prayed that God would open the eyes of heart to hear what He wanted me to hear. 
I know there are no such thing a coincidences
God orchestrates everything.
He knew I would be sick before I was sick
He knows how long this cold will last. 
I still find myself laughing, when things…well look here and see what I mean:
I went back and started with my Devo from Tuesday Feb 15th 
(from The Jesus Calling)
I have been really stressed this last week 
getting little things ready 
for so many different events, or gifts/projects for people. 
I have hardly had time for anything else. 
I was getting obsessed with “Making it Big” 
in Bloggy world that I lost focus.
I almost forgot that I started this blog for ME. 
to share what I was feeling, even if I was the only one to read it
Also to glorify God in all I say and do.
I thank Him for this devotional! 
Now when I read the one for Feb 16th…I laughed out loud. 
This is when you realize God planned your weeks events way in advance
So He wanted me to be sick
To slow me down.
Remove me from my worldly chaos, to focus on Him.
Now looking back I know I needed this
I was starting to get greedy and become ungrateful.
I know that things will happen in His time.
I just need to focus on Him and Glorify Him 
and then I can be at peace
Now today’s…I just read it after writing the post up to this point.
Geeze it’s like He knows! 
Of Course He knows, what I am thinking
He created me! 
I am His! 
I need to remember He is my Shepard and that I am safe with Him
I need to remember to seek Him in EVERYTHING
and ALWAYS, no matter the day or my mood
Thanks for listening to me today. I appreciate you taking the time. Feel free to comment and share with me your thoughts about what I said, about how you are doing, or just to say Hi! 
and Yes, I am thankful for this cold
No matter how miserable it makes me feel,
how many days I stay cooped up in this house 
with no real adult interaction. 
I am thankful! 
My God is a mighty God
My Jesus is a loving Jesus 
and I am thankful!
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  1. Hope you feel better soon! Simple colds can be miserable! I love how your devo said to “pry your mind off of your problems!” Good challenge!

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