a time of reflection, a time to share

Notes from my journal during the Imagine me set free conference

a time of reflection…

As I sit in my personal time of reflection and self-evaluation I asked Jesus to reveal my WORD!
The word that He set aside this weekend just for me
And all I could hear was share

Share your story. My story
Share your heart, the desires I give you
Share your hurt, and how I am healing you
Share your joy, and how I created it

I really feel like God is telling me to jump in and share my stories
Not wait around for the right time
But share it as soon as I feel the prompting from the Holy Spirit
I could be withholding a blessing from someone else by NOT sharing all God has done in my life

Today I ask for courage to share my recent story of obedience and restoration
How God prepared both of the hearts involved
And mended a torn piece of a relationship

I took some time and looked up all the verses in my NCV concordance with the word share/sharing in them
I wanted to “share” (ha) what I learned from each of those verses…

Luke 3:11
Share about your obedience; share the overflow of your blessings

Romans 12:13
Share with those who need help. Tell your story and offer hope to those who you encounter esp. those who are struggling

1 Timothy 6:18
being rich is not about materials or money it’s a heart thing. Do good and always be ready to share. Share your blessings, your joy, share the love Jesus gives you.

Acts 4:32
Share everything! Your story, your heart, your blessings, your belongings, everything

Acts 2:42-47
Spend time together sharing the stories God has given you.
Teach, learn, share, and love together

2 Corinthians 8:1-4
even when you do not feel equip – share. Give even when you do not think you have enough.

I am looking forward to seeing how God has me share my story. His story.
I am in the process of writing it all out
In detail
All the feelings, hurts, joy, and blessings

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  1. Chrissy, share! Love when we stop and listen to see what God has to say. Its so easy to get busy and go,go, go. Can’t wait to see all you share!xo
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