a "real" house tour…

I love when other bloggers write house tour posts.
It’s fun to see how other’s live
and get decorating ideas.
I especially love when Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy does her house tour week.

I mean look at her kitchen and living room:

or Ashley from Little Miss Momma

I covet both houses white couches and open kitchens.

I thought I would do a hour tour today of my living room and kitchen…
now this house tour is slightly different.
My house is not large and by no means light and airy.
No white couches in la casa

I want to show you what a lived in house tour may or may not look like.
Mind you these pictures were taken after babysitting another child for the day
and about 3 hours before friends were coming over.
Yes the house was cleaned before they arrived.

Welcome to my home:
welcome to our “shoe room”
room, ha, can we even call it that. all 5 feet of it !
to the left is the front door and on the right are the sliding closet doors.
doors that have yet to be painted to match the walls whoops
this is an old house and sometimes we get ants
hence the giant bottle of Raid in the window.
Please watch your step as we head into the living room.
we forget to put our shoes away.

looking into the living room from the shoe room
you see my famous outfit post birdcages to the right there.

Ikea curtains pretty much take up the entire wall
over sized chair perfect for seating 2!
and a black computer desk/cabinet from Walmart fill the space pretty well.
yes, my desk becomes a catch all, for well everything

the rest of the living room
I have big plans for this wall. I am going to lower the family picture
as suggested by a dear friend
then I have a collage of things to hang around B canvas that is there now
including a super rad Family rules sign by 41 West Designs

you can see into our kitchen better from this view.
yup this is my living room, dinning room, and kitchen all rolled into one big small room

My kitchen:
a disater if I do say so myself.
stacks of dirty and clean dishes
(we do not have a dishwasher, good thing Frank is 10 now she just got a new job)
sewing projects, groceries, motorcycle backpack, diapers, cups, ect
cover the tables and counter. notice i say counter, there is only one is this kitchen folks.
we have a faux pantry in the hallway,
and shelving unit hung on one wall and a shelving unit at the bottom of the basement stars.
not ideal but it works for us.

please excuse the cluttered fridge and I don’t just mean the front
the top is stacked high with…
well I am not even sure!

Well that’s my house folks. If you stand in the living room and turn in a full circle
you may see the entirety of my home.
Don’t get me wrong here, I am not complaining.
we are content. really we are.
We feel this is where the Lord wants us to be right now.
that does not mean it’s does feel cramped all the time at times
Hope you enjoyed my “real” house tour
by real I mean super lived in,
super full, super needing to be picked up!

Don’t worry it does not always look like this.
just most of the time sometimes

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  1. I love your house! and I Love that it is “real” place of living! πŸ™‚

  2. I second what momma bird said. I love seeing “real” houses bc I was starting to wonder about myself. Everyone else and their fabulous blogs, shops and houses. I can’t keep up πŸ™‚ my son runs the house right now and hes not quite 1. “my” room in the house is now the toy room :). Love your colors and your ideas for the wall behind the couch
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. i love the color on your walls!!! and where did you get the bird cage print on the wall?! i NEED to know! lol I have a perfect spot for them in our house πŸ™‚ I love that you showed us the “real” home – because pretty much that’s what my house looks like on an daily basis πŸ™‚

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