a meetup of influential women…

influential women


I am over joyed to be sharing my love for the influence network with you all today. Welcome all you influential women!

The Influence Network exists to make your online life mean something, to ensure that when you leave your laptop or put down your phone, you’re more inspired and encouraged to do what God has called you to. The Influence Conference is September 26-28, 2013 in Indianapolis

I am even more excited to learn all about the ladies i pray for, share my heart with, and visit online often
we are taking time to link up, and get to know each other a little better. We were asked to share one photo of ourselves, three facts and the impact the network has had on our lives.
here we go…

sorry if this is more of a repeat for those who visit often..

1. I love Jesus and want everyone to know about him. I wear my heart on my sleeve and want to be the best servant I can. I want everyone that meets me be able to see Jesus love shine in and through me.

2. I have been restored to a new creation. I have been forgiven by my heavenly father for having chosen the path of abortion. read my story here. I am a new person and my sin is covered by his blood. I am healing but ready to share my story of redemption with the world.

3. i have a love hate relationship will ALL SWEETS. like i can eat a whole pan of rice krispie treats in under 20 minutes. and then get angry i have not lost any weight this week.

and as for a favorite photo..

long hair

I have loved so many things about the influence network. I especially love the forums. I have been able to pray for other women, been prayed for. I love that no one is a “rock star” and that no question is a dumb question. There are always women there to help guide you and walk through everything with you. I have met some amazing women through this network and can not wait to hug each of you in September! I am planning on going to the conference in September but as of right now. the funds are not there.  That’s not going to stop me. I will get there! HA If anyone knows of a sponsor looking for an ambassador i may be your girl! xoxo

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  1. ahhh, Chrissy. now you have me craving rice krispie treats something awful. i hope i’ll see you in september! (& if not, i’m sure i’ll be up to GR before then! we’ll have to get together when i get up there!)
    Annie recently posted..SWF chasing BFFs.My Profile

  2. I love your love for Jesus and I love that photo!
    Nadine recently posted..{a walk through} psalm 20My Profile

  3. Chrissy, Thanks for sharing your heart and your story here. I’m so happy you feel safe here.
    Tammy Perlmutter recently posted..Linking Up with Women of InfluenceMy Profile

  4. I’m so thankful for you and your passion for the Lord. You are such a blessing to our network, girl! Thank you!
    Moriah Sunde recently posted..an influential women linkupMy Profile

  5. I’m glad I got to meet you at the forums… and I look forward to getting to know you better! 😀

    Oh, and did you say your three-year-old took pictures for you? I’m impressed!

  6. “I love that no one is a “rock star” and that no question is a dumb question.”

    Girl, AMEN! I have been struggling with some of the Christian lady communities out there, because i feel like it’s gossip and showboating, in Jesus’ name. what???!
    This community is truly amazing.

    I sooooo hope we find eachother at Influence Conference! I know we do not know much about one another but we know enough to know we need to praise His saving Grace, together 🙂

    Kristin Cho recently posted..amazing sea bass recipeMy Profile

  7. Sweets! I have a love hate relationship with them, too! Also, I noticed you have John 15:5-17 in your tag line. That’s one of our family passages. I rely on it daily :).
    Kari recently posted..Influence, Sort of Like My Pinky ToeMy Profile

  8. I love that you wear your heart on your sleeve sweetness. And that is a really great photo of you!

  9. First I just read your story. You are so brave to share your story. It is evident you have allowed God to work on your heart through it.

    I love sweets too, like way too much. I feel the same as you as your #1.

  10. hi, chrissy! just stopping by the influence link up to say hello. it is nice to get to know you a little better through what you shared. 🙂

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