A date with my sewing machine…

large fabric diaper bag

it’s been over 6 months since my sewing machine and i have had a date night.

6 months too long
a friend asked if i would sew her a diaper bag
I would love to tell you that i agreed
we went and shopped for fabric and that i sewed it right away for her
but that was not the case
i was a disappointment to her, a bad friend, and i let my yes be a no

yes, i did agree to sew the bag, happily i might add
yes, we did shop for fabric right away
but sadly no, i did not sew it right away

we bought the fabric in june or july last year
she was due to have her baby in october

plenty of time i thought
too much time really
i just got around to sewing her bag last week
and yes her baby is 3 months old

*hanging my head in shame*

i think sometimes Satan likes to attack me
okay i know he does
he knows how to fill my head with lies, insecurities and even doubts
he allowed me to settle upon on every excuse i had not to start sewing this bag for her

you know what though
God shows us mercy and grace, when we don’t deserve it
my friend never gave up on me, she never complained, never yelled, never argued with me
she just let me be, asking from time to time how it was going with her bag.
no pressure, just speaking to me in love
building me up, encouraging me, loving me, and praying for me

then last week she asked the question i was dreading
could she pickup the fabric and have someone else make the bag for her, again in a sweet loving non-hurtful way
i lost it, i apologized asked her to give me a few days to work on it, to try to make progress

i knew i needed the Lord to help me because Satan had this awful grip on me
i prayed, read the word, and so with slight hesitation got out my sewing machine

and it was like magic, everything went as planned
the sewing went perfect, and i finished the bag in one afternoon
i could not wait to drop her bag off the next morning.

she was so sweet to me when the bag arrived to her home
with open arms and huge smile she welcomed me in
we sat and chatted, shared what’s going on in our lives and encouraged each other as mothers

i am sharing this story with you because one of my goals for 2013 is to be a better friend
and thanks to this friend i am learning about forgiveness, grace and mercy.

so thank you sweet girl, for loving me like Christ loves us.
you are a perfect example of unconditional love


and now to show you all her bag…

 large fabric diaper bag

large fabric diaper bag



large fabric diaper bag


large fabric diaper bag



large fabric diaper bag


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  1. Beautiful bag!!! And I struggle with follow-through, too. In fact, I have a project for a friend waiting as I type. It would take less than an hour to complete…and yet here I am! Thanks for sharing what you’re learning these days!
    Lacey recently posted..Something New to Do With Olive Oil!My Profile

  2. LOVE the ruffle detail. You always do such pretty work!

  3. Oh, I have so been there, Chrissy! Committing to something and then not following through…and usually because of the enemy whispering insecurities into my head. So glad that this bag turned out as beautiful as it did and that your friend is as beautiful as she is…she is an example of grace!

    Thanks for being so vulnerable!
    Rebecca Rejoices recently posted..7 Ways to Stop Gossip: Way #6 – Know Your TriggersMy Profile

  4. Chrissy, this bag is AMAZING.I.WANT.ONE….. On another note, I struggle with being a good friend. Glad that it all worked out for you and for her. xox
    Amanda recently posted..Intentional with a healthy lifestyleMy Profile

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