{a BIG thank you } to my Top referring sites

If you have a blog of your own
you may check often look once and a while at your blog stats
I love how you can learn lots of fun things about your blog from it
Like how many people visit your blog monthly, weekly, daily, and even RIGHT now…
as I type this there are currently 2 people reading my blog!
It’s nice to see what days of the week get the most traffic.
I use this to decide what post I will do on which days…

I find it fun to see where are my readers are from.
I mean really there are people in Pakistan that read my blog from little ol’ Michigan!
Oh wait I am cool so that’s totally expected right!

all the light and dark green areas represent where my readers are from!

One thing that really cracks me up is the what key words people search to land on my blog…
some of my favorites are:

  • waldo shirt
  • i mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives,
  • chicka chicka boom boom look who’s in our room
  • take up your cross and follow me
  • 45 yr old 
  • ice cream truck at school
  • inspector gadget toy
  • sad post secrets
  • skirt sitting

I mean really… Ice cream truck at school landed someone on my blog… or skirt sitting.. what is that!

One thing I do pay attention to weekly is my top referring sites
I can see what linky parties bring new traffic
or what giveaways generate new followers

I want to do a 5 day series and and say a big thank you to my top 5 referring sites.

I will do a post on each site and tell you all my favorite things about them!

So stay tuned….

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