7 After Christmas Survival Tips

7 After Christmas Survival Tips

I am in full fledged after Christmas survival mode right now. With five people in our family the amount of “stuff” can be overwhelming.

I have decided that this year I would be one step ahead of the Christmas clutter.
I came up with a few ideas to keep the chaos manageable.

To do Christmas day:

1. Sort your gifts into 3 piles: 1- keep 2- return 3- re-gift. I know a re-gift pile sounds mean but sometimes you don’t have room for another coffee mug but it’s too cute to return. Or you are not sure where it’s from and do not dare ask.

after christmas clutter control

2. Remove gifts from packaging. By this I mean, open every toy, remove all rubber bands, twist ties, boxes, plastic baggies, ect. This is a must for me every year. It helps me see what we really have to put away and not be overwhelmed by the size of all the boxes.

3. Pick up all the trash. Now that all the toys have been removed for their original packaging, it’s time to throw out the trash. Put on a good tune, grab a large trash bag and do a quick sweep of EVERY room. You will thank me later. Save all shipping/mailing boxes (ie: Amazon, Macy’s, USPS,  other store boxes)

To do day after Christmas:

1. Holiday Mailing Box Challenge: Grab one, two or all of the empty mailing boxes you saved. Moving from room to room start filling them with items to donate. Did you get new pjs for Christmas donate a pair. Did you get a new barbie donate an old one and so on. This way you are making room for all the new stuff without adding more clutter.

holiday mailing box challenge

2. Put the gifts away. Yup it’s that easy. If you are keeping the present it needs a home. I urge you to do this step. Finding a permanent place for every item will make life a lot more manageable. (regardless if your kids never actually put it back in this new home you will know where it goes when you clean up after them for the 100th time that day)

3. Serve an easy dinner. Make a dinner that does not require a lot of prep or clean up. For our family that is breakfast. Whipping up pancakes and sausage is fun and easy for me.

For the brave:

1. Take care of the return pile. Some people love the challenge of Black Friday. Others love the rush of Day after Christmas. Long lines, great sales, no parking, getting things that fit are all things that make my insides flutter. If you can return items right away it’s best. It eliminates the piles.

Did I forget anything? If you have anymore tips please share them in the comments. You can also leave me a Facebook comment with suggestions.

7 post christmas survival tips

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