5 random facts …

5 random facts


I love the idea of sharing 5 random facts about ourselves.
i was joining in on a monthly linky party for a while but that seemed to stop
for now i will just roll with my own until the party comes back!

  1. I brush my teeth as soon as I get up before I eat or drink anything. Even if that means brushing my teeth and then grabbing a cup of coffee right away
  2. I function best with no more than 5 hours of sleep. Too much sleep or too little and I become worthless
  3. I don’t own a winter coat and I live in Michigan! Temps were a -9° last week and I wore a fleece jacket. Today its 20°and I am jacket-less Don’t get me wrong, I am usually freezing and feel like I have to wear a cowl and slippers all the time in my house.
  4. I am not on vine and do not plan to be. For some reason watching a six second video of your lunch is a little too much for me. And that’s coming from the Facebook, twitter and instagram addict.
  5. I met with Jesus this week, in a deep and powerful way. I know he is healing me from my past mistakes and protecting me from Satan’s lies.

what about you… can you share with me 5 random facts about you?

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  1. 1. Same as your no. 1! Can’t stand the staleness.
    2. I typically wear my winter coat at work until around 2:00. Because once I get cold I can never warm up.
    3. When I wear sweats to bed I’m comfortable, when I wear shorts and a tank I sweat like none other. This may be TMI.
    4. I can’t remember the last time I said TMI.
    5. Roughly 50% of the time I speak in British accent. I think it’s pretty legit but it drives the husb crazy.

  2. Linda Hamlet says:

    1. I’ve never eaten at Taco Bell
    2. I have a daughter in heaven.
    3. I don’t have a belly button. 😀
    4. I’ve been declared clinically dead—twice.
    5. My greatest fear is standing before God with no excuse for not doing what I should have done.

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