30 day photo challenge Days 20 and 21 and a {bonus}

so I am going to share this in the wrong order…
Day 21: a pretty pattern
This is a vintage sheet I bought a while back.
I have high hopes of making a dress or skirt from it.
First attempt at it was a complete sewing fail but can be saved I think.

Day 20: What I read:
I have been reading an amazing book.

what’s the bonus you ask?
I am going to share one chapter of the book that really touched me.

the Discipline of service seems pretty straight forward but after reading this chapter
it reminds you that you need to do acts of service not to benefit yourself
don’t get me wrong
we ALL love the warm fuzzies we get from helping someone out,
but do we always help when we should?
when the task seems to hard?
do we help with the mundane little things of life?
what does TRUE  service look like.
I underlined some of it in the pages above.(click image to enlarge)
One of the things I underlined was:
“True service rests contented in hiddenness.”
I am not sure I always do that.
I feel like my humanness takes over and I like the affirmation for what I did.
I will definitely be working on this.

do you struggle with this? any advice for those that do?

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  1. Beautiful words about service. It is so easy for us to slip into the “look at me!” “look what i did for you!” thing.

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my last post. Knowing that people are praying for God’s will in our life and for Annie means so much. Thank you.

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