1 present, 2 presents, 3 presents, 4…

…Times 20!
That’s what it feels like around this place. We have 3 children and so once all their presents from everyone have been unwrapped it looks like we just hijacked a toy truck! Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful to everyone that gave them a gift. I just spent 2 painstaking joyful hours sorting old toys to make room for the new ones. I was able to collect a large box full of Addison’s and Braedon’s toys to donate. Hailey’s room is next but she’ll need to be gone for that. I think she is practicing to be on hoarders. She saves everything. She is emotionally attached to each and every piece of paper with a pen mark on it. She is always so thankful when she sees her room all cleaned and organized as long as she is not there to witness the many trash bags. I try and tackle this project once a month and even that can be too long of a time span!
Some of our gift highlights are a set of walkie-talkies for Braedon, a baby doll stroller for Addison, and texting devices for Hailey. 

So what does $100 look like? 
It could look like this: 
It could look like this: 
But this Christmas it looks like this:
 Yes that’s right we received 5 pillow pets this Christmas and at $20.00 each that’s $100. Man I could think of so many other things I could buy with $100. To my kids these are the best things ever. They have wanted these pets for a year and the older were lucky to each receive two.  I have to admit they are super soft and the kids look cute cuddling with a pile of pets! 

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