1 Peter Chapter 5 lent #29

believers lenten series

It’s hard to believe that Easter is right around the corner.

Have you been able to spend intimate time with God this Lenten season?

  1. praying Are you still praying for your 3 non-believers? Has the Lord shown you anything in regards to them? The Lord is working in 2 of my 3 for sure. I am not sure where this will lead or what God has in store but I know he is working.

  2. fasting Are you still going strong in your fasting? I think I am doing good so far. There have been a few times I “messed” up and scrolled a little more than I should have but good thing God gives grace. I do need to do a better job of stopping and praying during my stops of fasting.

  3. giving The Lord has provided a few opportunities so far for us to give. Both financially and of our time. I have been blessed greatly by both and look forward to hearing more from God on more ways he would like us to give. What about you?

Today we are going to spend time reading 1 Peter Chapter 5. Take time a re-read it a few times, ask God what in this chapter is he speaking directly to YOU?

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