DIY felt message board

DIY felt message board

Once I started seeing the felt message board show up all over social media I fell instantly in love with them. I knew right away I needed desired to own one.

I rushed right to Amazon to order one and was stopped dead in my tracks. These cute signs cost way more than I anticipated. Not break the bank but more than a DIY girl will pay. So, off to DIY my own.

message board supplies

I went to Lowe’s and Joann’s to buy my supplies: Scissors || Ruler || Glue Gun || 12: 1/8 x 48 Poplar Dowels || 0.75 x 1.5 x 8 board (for the frame) || 4D x 1 1/2 trim nails || scarp wood for back of frame || Felt || Letters || paint

Let’s start with the frame. I followed my girl Kimbo’s tutorial for this super easy frame. Easy peasy, thanks to the hand holding she offers in her tutorial.

DIY wood frame tutorial

To make the felt part of our message board we need to cut our dowels down to size first. Using a pair of wire snips I cut them slightly smaller than 10 inches. I did use all 12 dowels for this frame.

I purchased a 1.8 yard of gray felt from Joann’s. I cut it into 1 x 10 inch strips. Hot glue the felt around the dowel.



Hot glue the felt covered dowels snugly inside the frame so they do not move around


now enjoy your handy work.



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