Wooden Wristwatch

Stick Letter Wall Decor

A very easy and organic looking DIY stick letter for your fall decor

This year I chose an organic theme for my fall decor.
One item I created to implement this theme was a stick letter.
This project was really easy and could be fun to write a whole word as well.
hhhmmm, now I have another idea up my sleeve!

supplies for stick letter DIY

The supplies needed are really basic:
~ glue gun / glue sticks
~ snippers / heavy duty scissors / pruning sheers
~ a letter – I used cardboard but you could also use a wooden letter
~ thin sticks / twigs
~ optional – brown paint

stick letter part 1

I added a small strip of hot glue to the letter
then placed a stick on the glue
I waited a few seconds and then trimmed the stick to the letter

*If when I make this again, I will paint the letter brown.
I had to add twice as many sticks because the white peaked through.

finished stick letter

I used two full layers of sticks to complete my stick letter.

Stick letter B

As you can see it fits in perfectly with my fall decor.

Stick letter B tute

Here is the B in it’s current home on my front porch.
When the weather gets colder and I change up my front porch I will add the stick letter to my piano (aka my mantle).

a simple budget friendly fall porch. Ideas on how to save money, where to get inspiration and more

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