It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

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Why Hello there Friend.
It’s been awhile since we met over here on the pearl blog.
I promised God and myself that I wouldn’t use this place too much. What I mean is, I wouldn’t write over here because I felt obligated to. I would write over here when I felt inspired to.
And what could be more inspiring then Christmas decorations.
Since It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here I thought I would share with you the details of our Christmas decor.

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Over the years we have changed our “style”. (see here, here, here and here) I think we have finally come to a place where we all agree is the right amount of decor and the right amount of simple.So many textures, neutrals, and little pops of reds. Oh and sparkle, we can’t forget sparkles!!

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I’m really loving the simplicity of whites, browns and green together. I enjoy the rustic Christmas feel. In this thrifted jar I used some granulated sugar, mini bottle brush trees from Walmart, and a little set of ski’s from Target dollar spot.

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For the little vignette on top of our fridge I mixed our fall decor with Christmas. I hung our cotton/grapevine/lambs ear wreath on a frame. I added some berries to my Target dollar spot pine tree. In the glass jar is a tall sprig of eucalyptus. For the touch of shimmer I added some gold and silver glass trees I purchased after Christmas at Target a few years ago. Oh and I added some leftover eucalyptus swag from my table decor.

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A wood log bundle holding a bowl of Christmas treats makes my heart giggle with happiness. Pom-Pom snow balls, sparkly dear, and glittered pine cones sit perfectly on our dining room table and white tray joining the wood logs and tray.

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And the stockings were hung (with 3m hooks) on the shiplap with care. THIS set up is still by far my favorite of our Christmas decor. This year I made a red glitter J for Jake’s stocking. I found those cute fur letters at Target for the littles. I did have to give them each a haircut as you couldn’t tell what the letter actually was!

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I found this tree sign in the Target dollar spot (catching on to a pattern?!?) and had no idea where I would put it but I knew I “had” to own it! I love how it looks with the sprig of red frosted berries from Michaels and the bottle brush tree from Target.

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A new tradition we started this year was a lighted house village. The kids loved helping choose where all the houses would go along with placing all the people, cars, lamp posts, and trees. One of our favorites is this Ice skating rink. Behind the rink is a little forest. I adore the little red truck carrying a Christmas tree. We thrifted it all last year before Christmas except the large bottle brush tree.

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in our basement living room we have a few decorations sprinkled around. This is our 3rd or 4th year with this advent calendar from All Good Things Collective We love the beautiful prints but even more the devotions that goes along with each day of Advent. I hung the cards with twine and alternated large and small clothes pins.

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We have two trees in our house again this year. In the basement we have our artificial tree decorated with red, white and silver balls. We also have all the kids homemade ornaments on this tree. I was asked this year if everyone could hang their favorite ornaments on the tree in our main living area. Usually this tree is designated “moms” tree and only ornaments that match my theme may go on it. I was hesitant at first but I love how the tree looks. First its our first real tree and second the kids ornaments look perfect on it. When I figure our how to get a good picture of it I’ll share that with you.

Well I’m off to go make lunch now. I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday friend.

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