Summer fun at Michigan’s Adventure

Michigan's Adventure

We kicked off summer vacation this year with a family trip to Michigan’s Adventure. We started this summer tradition when I our oldest daughter was 2. It’s the perfect place for family fun. Hello, you get two parks for the price of one. *hand-raised* I’m in!  Season passes are a really great way to get the most bang for your buck too.

We had some brave kiddos this year. My son rode all the roller coasters, except for the Thunderhawk. This was a huge deal since last year he wouldn’t even ride the little coasters! The picture below is our friend convincing Nancy to ride Zach’s Zoomer. After this ride all he wanted was more coasters!

first roller coaster

Little Lennie was fearless when it came to riding Adventure falls. I watched from the sidewalk as she rode it not once but twice. She also had a blast flying high on the Lakeside gliders. It helped that her big sister rode the Big Dipper with her when we first got to the park.

This year Michigan Adventure redid their children’s area in WildWater Adventure and I have to say I give it a two thumbs up. The visibility between the little kids and the big kids play area is so much better. Although we weren’t able to experience the half-pint paradise we could see that it was going to be a really cool area for kids. My eight year old was really looking forward to it, there’s always next year! The picture below is what the area will look like when finished. (which it probably is when this post publishes)

half-pint paradise

One of our favorite areas at Michigan’s Adventure is the water park. We probably spent most of our time there. My husband takes the bigger kids on large water rides while I get to hang out at the beach party with my youngest. It’s always fun to watch her try new slides, play in The Wave Pool, get dumped on by a huge bucket of water and just laugh and have a good time. I don’t mind laying on lounge chairs in the Sun or stretching out under the giant umbrellas when I need a bit of shade. I mean come on, I definitely have the better end of the deal.


When it comes to rides, I am the one who takes the kids on all the rides that spin and Jake goes on anything that’s tall or has large dips. Although this year we learned he might be getting a little too old for that!

The petting zoo was one of our favorite spots this year. Lennie and I spent a good 45 minutes at least feeding and petting the animals. My favorites are the Llamas and Alpacas. i love it when they smail for the camera!

smiling alpaca

We are already making plans for next summers trip to Michigan’s Adventure. I am hoping to be brave enough to ride a roller coaster. Okay who am I kidding, I am so not riding a roller coaster.

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