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currently connecting

Reading – currently The Hate you give by Angie Thomas not far into it, I just finished Forever a long long time by Caela Carter, which was so eye-opening. Its great read especially for anyone Fostering or adoptive parents.

Writing – whatever Jesus says, and my heart wants to share. No agenda, no schedule.

Playing –go fish with Lighting McQueen cards with our foster son. (nicknamed Diana)

Watching – This is Us. Need I say more. (also Blindspot, Grey’s, project Runway Allstar, and When calls the Heart)

Trying – to manage our day to day schedule. I finally realized I need to let God be in control and quit trying to fix all the things.

Cooking – dinner most nights. Mostly tacos. Because Tacos are life.

Drinking – Passion Tea with a Raspberry sweetener. From Starbucks. try it. A Venti is only $2.92

Eating – too much sweets. It’s birthday season over here and we are having cake way to often. Even for my carb/sugar loving taste.

Calling – caseworkers, insurance companies, schools. So many calls lately.

Pinning – Spring capsule items. I want to get back into a capsule wardrobe again.

Tweeting – not much. Just auto-tweeting instagram pics usually

Doing – house chores. Cleaning and laundry. So much cleaning and laundry.

Going – to the pharmacy a lot lately. So many sick kids in our house lately.

Loving – my new Noonday Earrings.

Hating – that winter seems to not want to leave. Just when we adjust to warmer temps it snows again.

Re-Discovering – blogging

Enjoying – having a 6 year in the house. Diana is such a great kid.

Thinking – I need a girls weekend. food, friends, laughs, repeat

Feeling – tired. I fall asleep so fast lately. A 6 yr old can sure tire you out quick.

Missing – my family in California. I really want to see them soon.

Hoping for – a chance to have Jamie Ivey come speak at our church.

Listening – all the podcasts. The happy Hour, Real Mom Podcast, That Sounds Fun, Going Scared, Mom Struggling Well

Celebrating – A friends new home, a baby we soon get to meet, engagements, and birthdays

Smelling – a twisted peppermint candle from Bath and Body works (currently out of season)

Thanking – God for a husband who helped make my birthday extra special. And that he was willing to take the Enneagram test and learn about each others numbers.

Considering – attending a women’s conference in may.

Starting – to plan some house projects. and some crafts. I’m getting the itch to make something.

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