Past, Present, and Future

past present future

I just wanted to pop into today and share my thoughts on the Past, Present, and Future.
It’ll make more sense in a minute..

past, present, and future

I have literally opened this window to write my thoughts over 50 times since June. Each time I felt like the Lord was saying not yet. So instead I shared posts from the past and hoped you would all stick around until the time is right for me to come back. Today I felt the Lord was saying it was okay to share some of my thoughts with you.

PVR Mar2015 006

PVR Mar2015 021

In the past I would visit this place multiple times a day. Whether to edit posts, pictures, plan or update files. I loved reading your comments and interacting with each of you. In the past I would try and post about 3-4 times a week give or take. In the past I tried to balance sponsored posts, with crafts, and my personal faith journey. In the past I would get lost in numbers. I got lost in the ups and downs of pageviews. I forgot who I was, I forgot the reason why I started the Pear blog in the first place. I have never admitted that until now. And part of me wants to delete that last sentence, but I know the Holy Spirit is prompting e to leave it. It’s in the past and needs to stay there

PVR Mar2015 268

Presently I am trying to figure out the future of the Pearl blog. I am slowly trying to sift through the feelings of jumping back into the world I left so abruptly behind, or leaving it all to slowly disappear into the interwebs. So much emotions attached to both of those options. So many advantages and disadvantages come with each choice. I am currently realizing that the choice to start again or end it is not mine to make. I gave this space to God and He will make it clear how things will ultimately go. I am on His path and waiting for Him to give me the next step to take. Taking a break from my blog has allowed our family to change in ways it could not have, had I been working so much. We joined a new church family, we went on an amazing vacation, my husband has a new job, and we are working full-time in a new ministry.

PVR Mar2015 039

PVR Mar2015 041

In the future I would love to see the Pearl blog be a place that brings inspiration everyday. Where grace is shown always and Jesus shines so bright that you can’t help but smile. In the future I want to find my full worth in my Heavenly Father and none from Google Analytics. In the future I hope that I can balance work and family better whether that is here online or in my neighborhood or at church. I want to go forward making sure all I do is God’s will and that I am on the path He has laid out for me.

PVR Mar2015 031

Would you stick around and wait with me? Would you join me in praying for God’s direction?

* these amzing pictures are from our 10 year Anniversary trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


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