Thank goodness for GPS

old school GPS

I would not survive without GPS. There I said it.
Since moving 25 minutes from the city I have lived in for the last 15 years,
my GPS has become my side kick.
Okay so more the super hero and me more of the side kick.
I feel like we moved to a foreign country.

Seriously how can a city 25 minutes away seem so different. I feel like the roads don’t make sense and twist and turn in the weirdest places. I am sure they don’t and it’s just me!

winding roads

I literally use my GPS EVERYDAY, to get to all the places!
And today as I was writing this post, a post to share with you what is going on in my life,
something hit me.
I have a GPS, that does not require internet, doesn’t ever lead me down the wrong road and yet I don’t hold onto it as a life line like I do my google maps.

My Bible.

God gave his word as a free GPS for life. Instructions on how to get places, why we go there and how to get there in the best possible way.

Yet time and time again it’s an after thought.

My prayer this week is to seek God before seeking google. To read the notes on my Life GPS (bible) before reading the newest facebook updates. To spend time face down in prayer before adding filters to my face on snapchat.

How about you? Are you in the word daily?

Are you able to get around without Google Maps?


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